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Process Equipments is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Industrial Valves, Industrial Strainers & Sight Flow Indicators in Ahmedabad, India.( Basket Type Strainer, Bucket Type Strainer, Y type Strainer, T type strainer, Flush Bottom Ball Valve, Ball Valves and so on.

We are having a good infrastructure to perform our business activities-Manufacturing, Marketing, Quality Control, Inspection, Designing, Purchase, Account and dispatch- we will narrate herewith infrastructure related to Marketing, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Dispatch- directly related to our customers confidence. For further detail in the matter please feel free to contact factory.

  • “Trusted Brand, Reliable Products”
  • Quality Control System, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Expertise & Innovation from a truly global company
  • Leading Industrial Services Provider Company
  • Highly Professional Staff, Accurate Testing Processes

Our Vision

  • Will fulfill our mission by adopting and implementing policies
  • Perform Beyond Customer Expectation
  • Do it right, do it first, do it now and do it different
  • Upgrading the workforce time to time by training andawareness .
  • Adopt state of art processes and procedures
  • Not only adhering and implementing stringent globally accepted codes, norms and standards but also establishing new benchmark.


Our Mission

To be globally recognized supplier of Industrial Valves, Strainers and Sight Flow Indicators.

Modern Technology

These valves are also tested on various quality parameters to confirm various industrial quality standards by our experienced professionals.

Quality Service

The offered valves form a significant part of the workability of their respective machinery and system.

Our Products - Industrial Valve Manufacturer

We take this opportunity to introduce our selves as an ISO-9001-2008 Certified company.

Industrial Valves, Industrial Valves Manufacturer

Flush Bottom Valves

It is used in Industries-Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Plants, Process Housed, etc.
Industrial Strainer Manufacturer, Supplier, Fabricated Strainers Manufacturer

Industrial Strainers & Filters

These particles are removed by installing the strainers. Y/Basket/Conical/bag type.
Types of Strainer Elements manufacturer

Strainer Elements

We also manufacture elements for Strainers-Basket, Y, T, Temporary-Conical, Cylindrical.
Sight Flow Indicators Exporter in Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil

Knife Edge Gate Valves

We also manufacture knife edge gate valves in various MOC and sizes. Square and round end connection flanges or wafer design end connections are commonly manufactured.
Industrial Valves, Industrial Valves Manufacturer

Industrial Valves

It is used in Industries-Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Plants, Process Housed, etc.
Industrial Valves, Industrial Valves Manufacturer

Sight Flow Indicators

In process industries process fluids are transferred from one place to other through long pipe lines. Inspection, review or observation of these transferred fluids is must.

why choose us

We, Process Equipment have endowed the customers with products with unmatchable quality and superior radial capacity. In addition, there are certain other factors which strengthen our pole position in the market.

Quality – Flush Bottom Valves Manufacturer

Time Delivery

It takes immense pleasure that we are developed with the experienced team who take care of full production of the product and even take utmost care that the products dispatched are reached to the customers end in a specified time.

Non Return Valves Exporters – Research and Development

Research and Development

Team of Qualified Design Engineers with computer aided design facility as well as a well equipped library are constantly developing new designs as per the stated needs of the customers as well as improvising existing products.

Industries We Serve

Clients & Credentials

Basket Type Strainer

We are leading manufacturers of basket type strainer in India. With expert knowledge, we have created a broad range of these strainers as per the industrial requirement of clients. Basket strainers are used in various mechanical frameworks and piping technologies for straining purposes. These strainers are used to prevent sand, gravel, dirt, and debris from entering the liquid streams. Basket type strainer is a type of pipe fitting through which different types of fluids are passed for purification, filtration, or separation of unwanted solid matter. These systems are used to prevent the mixing up of dirt and debris content from the fluid matter. We design and develop high-grade strainers using modern technology advancement. These strainers are fabricated with a smooth texture and finish. Our strainers have maximum working capacities. We have considered stringent supervision in the manufacturing process of basket strainers. Our strainers have great potential to work efficiently without any interruptions. High-grade stainless steel and carbon steel are utilized in the framing process. We are notable suppliers of basket strainers in India. Our strainers are effective at high content dirt removal. Clients highly appreciate our firm and engineering experts for offering the best range of customized strainers that are designed in pace with their changing aspirations.

Y type Strainer

We are notable producers of Y type strainer in India. With wide expertise, we have created a broad range of strainers to fulfill different consumer demands. These types of strainers are vital in various commercial and industrial units for the purpose of training. These strainers are designed in the Y-type for mechanically removing unwanted solids from liquid, gas, or steam lines by means of a perforated or wire mesh straining element. We manufacture strainers with quality tested raw materials to offer uninterrupted service throughout the service life. These strainers are robustly constructed with the use of modern technologies. We are highly recommended manufacturers of industrial strainers. We have efficient engineers that are gracefully engaged in designing Y type strainer that best suit the industrial frameworks of valuable clients. These strainers are easily installed and are optimum in performance all through the service life. These strainers are reliable in offering uninterrupted service all throughout the working process. The quality of strainers we provide is unmatched in the market. Our strainers bear heavy-duty structure which makes them suitable for work effectively during high-pressure loads.

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