double window sight flow indicator

Sight Flow Indicators

In process industries process fluids are transferred from one place to other through long pipe lines. Inspection, review or observation of these transferred fluids is must. Some time pipe line may clogged due to one or another reason, in such cases also observation is necessary for maintenance. This is done by sight glass assembly, sight flow indicators.

Double Window / Full View Sight Flow Indicators

Many type of Sight flow indicators are manufactured as per process requirements. Generally two type Dual Window and tube type Full view are popular and will be discussed herewith-for specific requirements other than these, please contact factory.

To cater customers’ general and special requirements, we have codified our products in various model codes-depending on type of indication, pressure ratings, end connections and methods of manufacturing- and some of them described here for customers’ reference. For further detail, please feel-free to contact factory.

The Indicator can be used at high temperature, pressure or vacuum service. The company has manufactured assembly up to class-1500.

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