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Basket Type Strainer

Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Strainers that are used to remove solids from flowing fluids or gases by means of perforated sheet or wire mesh straining element

Fluid handled by industries contains various particles due to atmospheric contamination, in process contamination, during handling or transportation it may be contaminated. These particles are in varied sizes and shapes and may damage or harm the equipments such as heat exchangers, burners, chilling plants, carburetors, coolers, pumps, seals, valves etc. Also, some products may need final removal of particles to enhance value; to improve further process or to achieve required clarity.
These particles are removed by installing the strainers. Y type Strainer / Basket Type Strainer/ Conical / bag type Industrial Strainers.

Hydraulically tested at 15 Kg/Sq.Cms.

Use in: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Dyes & Intermediates, Oil, Process Houses, Distilleries, Fertilizers, Refineries etc industries.

To cater and cover client’s wide range of requirements- flow pattern, particle sizes, slurry density and others- we specified our products in various model codes as per different construction.

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