Rotary Airlock Feeders

Blow Through Rotary Airlock Valve

The Blow-Through feeders has been used for many years in flour handling systems and non-abrasive material conveying systems in large bakeries, flour-mills etc. Being an integral part of the pipe line, Blow-Through Feeder allows the material into a pressure pneumatic conveying system in a very simple and positive way. Feeders in this services has limited range of application involving products which are relatively non-abrasive such as flour, finely ground coating clays, koalins etc.

Bottom Discharge Rotary Airlock Valve

When used to seal Bottom Discharge of a dust collector handling a relatively light dust load and operating at not more than 300 mm W.G. static pressure the light series Rotary Airlock will generally suffice. For a heavier dust loading and higher pressure or other materials handling and feeding applications a heavy duty gravity discharge feeder should be used.

Sanitary Rotary Air Lock Feeder

Sanitary Type feeders have both the bearings on one side like monoblock pump and the side cover can be opened and also rotor can be dismantled. As this type of feeder ensures high sealing performance. It is ideal for food and chemicals industries where frequent material change take place and better washing performance is required.

Side Entry Rotary Air Lock Valve

Side Entry feeders are used on applications involving relatively large particles that can not be reduced by shearing between the rotor blades on the housing at the inlet. Side entry feeders are also used where fine products by this shearing action might cause damage to the system or create hazard. The inlet and outlet flanges are offset. Material entering from the side settles into the pocket of the rotor and particles do not get trapped between the blade and the housing. This type of feeders operates at fix speed and about 40% of the pocket capacity.